There are many reasons companies benefit from encompassing direct mail into their marketing plan. If you target audience is the ‘consumer’ then this is the proven method you shouldn’t be ignoring. It’s become especially popular and open rates have massively increased recently as people are experiencing screen fatigue.

At SSL we manage as much or as little as you like from data processing all the way through to mailing. With regards to data processing; we can source the data, or, alternatively, we can advise you on cleansing your data before use; removing gone-away, deceased, and duplicate records, we can also check all records have a correct postcode ensuring you receive the maximum amount of postal discount possible.

With regards to the mailings we manage a whole host of options, ranging from; non-personalised door drops, laser personalised packs, inkjetting postcards, envelopes or wrapped magazines, machine enclosing, hand collating, personalised match enclosing, pick ‘n’ pack, polywrapping, sustainable mail and hybrid mail, you name it we do it!

It’s not a problem if you don’t have a postage account, just use ours. Like we said we look after you every step of the way.


Direct Mail Campaign

Every year we have the pleasure of designing, printing and mailing this special mail pack. The Winter Raffle is an important part of St Luke’s fundraising efforts, and even more so in 2020.

We also print the raffle tickets and assign each book of tickets to an individual mailing record, this helps the client track back the data. The mailpack performs well every year in terms of raising essential funds, but last year it performed particularly well, with over £51,000 raised!

Direct mail for RNOH Charity

Regularly keeping in touch with your clients is an essential part of your marketing, even more so for those within the charity sector, from simple direct mailings with a tear-off response form and business reply envelope to more complicated offerings. It’s our job and pleasure to advise on all that is direct mail!

Direct mail for Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity

Cost-effectively, helping to plan your direct mail campaigns with engaging ideas and emotive mail packs is just a small part of what we can do. We’re here to help you create engaging direct mail that works, whether it’s encouraging people to support your charity or bringing in new customers and increase sales!