Let’s first start by saying print isn’t dead and neither is Direct Mail.

Since lockdown Direct Mail (DM) has seen a resurgence, with open rates higher than ever.

If you were born in the digital age, you might not know what Direct Mail is. Basically, its mail that is sent direct to your home. So, anything that is posted through your letterbox.

If you are a company and your target audience is the consumer, Joe Bloggs, then there are so many strong reasons why you’d greatly benefit from using Direct Mail in your marketing.

Physically reaching out to a customer across multiple channels will not only increases you’re branding; it will embed you companies name in their mind when they are ready to buy.

Research also indicates that Postal Marketing is one of the cheapest and most effective marketing strategies. With 9 out of 10 people opening all their Direct Mail, it is one of the best ways to bring on potential prospects and with the added benefit of more and more people working from home during the pandemic people have more time in the home and this has increased the open rates, the amount of time they spend looking at the mailing piece and your offer.

If you don’t have a database with names and addresses in you do a few things, look at a door drop option, where it’s un-addressed mail, sent to certain villages / towns etc. or you can buy data and we can advise of the best data sources you can speak to.

If you have decided to do a DM piece, there are further questions you need to ask yourself:
  • What is our desired outcome of the campaign?
  • What is our message?
  • How do we send this message, do we send a postcard? – so the message is clear as soon as it hits the door mat
  • Or do we send an enveloped piece out in hope they open the envelope?
  • What shall we send?
  • Should we fully personalise every piece and give the recipient the wow factor?
  • What call to actions should we use?
  • What incentive shall we give the recipient to response and act in the way we’d hope?


Here are SSL, we can help you with all these decisions, from designing an eye-catching piece, cleaning and segmenting your data or helping you buy a relevant list, digitally printing it right through to mailing.

All that is left is say, is that in our eyes, there is no other medium that enables you to put a physical item into the hands of potential client and give them that wow factor.

As soon as someone sees a mail shot land on his or her doormat a first impression is created. Unlike emails and adverts, a mail piece is a tangible item, you touch it, you hold it and interact with it, so why not use that unique aspect, and make the most of it.