Hi everyone

We're currently working on a door drop posting for a valued client of ours, Royal United Hospital Trust Bath. They recently asked us to carry out their print and fulfilment for a Royal Mail Door Drop. A Door Drop is a cheap way of getting your post out there, onto peoples door mats, particularly if you don't have a full name and address database. The only information that you need is the postcodes that you would like to target. Royal Mail will then post out for you, at a reduced rate, along with other mailings. 

The purpose of the mailing is to invite local residents to join their local NHS Trust. The Trust will write to you 4 times a year and send you their Insight Magazine, which contains lots of interesting articles about the hospital, it's staff and up and coming events. It's also free to join!

Some people are wary of door drop mailings, as obviously they're not that targeted. However, in this case, I think the 10k mail out is fit for purpose and should work quite nicely. We'll keep you posted (sorry) with some take up figures.

Many thanks