Hi everyone

Yesterday I received a mailing from my mortgage provider. It was lovely to receive something from them other than my yearly mortgage statement, where inevitably the amount I still owe them seems to stay the same - year on year. Or is that just me! 

The mailing offered a discount on their home insurance.

The mail pack caught my eye firstly because of it's size (yes - on this occasion size does matter) it's small, that is the Outer is C6 size, Leaflets too, but the letter is A3. A waste of paper/trees some might say, and I might agree, but I think maybe that depends upon how many were mailed out.

The heading is clever, again based upon size, but the personalisation not as clever! The Mortgage Company will obviously hold quite a lot of information about me, and I think that they could have 'injected' some of this into the print and personalisation. Maybe they could have mentioned my husband - as we do hold the mortgage in both of our names, also, my home address could have been mentioned in the large print. Just a couple of thoughts. But overall I really like the mailing. It caught my eye and made some impact. 

Oh, one last point, the company could have checked out when my house insurance is actually up for renewal, and mailed me just before then. Now that would have had some impact!

Please feel free to add your thoughts.