We all have certain times of the year that we all dread for one reason or another. Working in direct mail this is one of mine! Why I hear you cry? Well because it's March and Royal Mail have just kindly informed all direct mailing houses of this year's price increases (effective March 31st).

Aghh, it's a pretty hefty documents (there's 11 of them in total) detailing all the rules, regulations and guidelines in which we have to work. One thing looks clear, the services, weight and size guidelines for business users hasn't changed, so that's good. On the pricing side of things the cost have obviously gone up, but only marginally.

Looking at the most cost effective services that we use the price have increased by around 2%. So not a massive hike, but obviously it needs to be taken into account when planning your direct mailing campaign.

Please give us a call today if you'd like us to cost up your postage for you.