Hi again

We've recently been asked to get involved in some more charity work for Barnsley Hospital Charity. The brief was to design a charity box to go into schools, to raise money for the 'Tiny Hearts Appeal'. The appeal aims to raise £1 million for a new baby unit in Barnsley Hospital, the unit is for poorly and premature babies.


We came up with the idea of designing a box, and in it would be little pink and blue hearts. The child would give a £1 to take away, or pin a heart onto the box. The client seemed to like the idea, so off we went and did some designing. I've attached a couple of the preliminary designs.

We're currently at print stage of the Charity Box, and then we'll be taking some photos of this, to drop onto the Poster. I look forward to showing you the finished article upon completion.


Many thanks for reading :)

Shelley Scarfe