Hi everyone

We're currently in the process of mailing out a direct mail campaign for one of our top clients. The client is a Charity (we seem to be winning lots of Charity work recently) but less about that. The Charity is looking to increase it's supporter awareness, and the bottom line is, to receive more contributions towards the valuable work that it does.

The content of the Letter & Newsletter is very focused, interesting and thought provoking. The focus is on palliative care. You can't help but be moved by Lucy's story about her Grandad.

There are a few guidelines within the mailing industry, which are helpful in terms of hopefully, maximising results. We've implemented all of these!!

We've redesigned the Outer Envelope, making it as bright and eye catching as possible. The Outer & Letter have been heavily personalised, making it a camera match enclosing job. We've also segmented the data into different mailing cells, all of which have been manufactured differently. There's also a Follow Up Mailing to certain people, and the mailing should land on Saturday - for leisurely weekend reading.

We really hope that this mailing works, or at least we can see which part of the mailing is the most successful, and maybe stick to this method going forward. We'll keep you posted on this.

Oh, and all this has been done to budget.

We wish Sheffield Hospitals Charity every success raising vital funds for people in Yorkshire.

You can find Sheffield Hopsitals Charity on twitter @SHCfundraising, they're website address is www.sheffieldhospitalcharity.org.uk


Many thanks