Hi everyone

We've recently carried out quite a few theatre mailings. These include mailing out a Guide, which contains all the the theatre's up & coming events, and most include a personalised address carrier wrapped in polywrap. Most theatre's go down the polywrap route, for obvious reasons - you're immediately enticed to open the mailpack because you can see the front of the Guide, in all it's bright and colourful glory! 

However Bath's Hall do it differently. They like their Brochures enclosing in a simple plain envelope. Nothing fancy, just a logo and a name and address. And it seems to work really well for them! 

Also, most polywrap is non bio degradable, although you can buy bio degradable poly, it's quite expensive. A paper envelope, well it's a little cheaper, and you can drop that in the recycle bin! 

On another note, theatre bookings are mainly made by women. So try and mail to the 'lady of the house'. As we all know, most men need a push, and can be quite non committal about a trip to the theatre, or is that just my husband??

Thanks for reading.